About Us

Our ecosystem is the only innovation centre that can deliver whole chain, science based solutions at scale and connect such an outstanding breadth of science, industry, and policy across the UK.

Our ecosystem is the only innovation centre that can deliver whole chain, science based solutions at scale and connect such an outstanding breadth of science, industry, and policy across the UK.


To enable innovative and resilient agrisystems that adapt to ever-changing global challenges affecting agriculture and its partner industries, positively impacting the planet and driving economic growth for the UK.


To be a world leading agri-innovation centre focussing on agri-systems that sustain the environment, the economy and society.


Discovering, developing and delivering scientifically robust and commercially viable agri-innovation in collaboration with science communities, industry and government. Our projects drive the adoption of sustainable, progressive circular agri-systems which constantly strengthen and transform UK agriculture and beyond.


The ever-increasing global population has created almost insatiable demand for food, fuel and fibre. Supplying these necessities is the responsibility of agri-industries – agriculture, horticulture, forestry and aquaculture.

However, the sector faces increasing challenges, especially from climate change. agri-industries must urgently innovate to secure humanity’s necessities whilst safeguarding the planet and its resources. 

We create value, urgently accelerating the speed at which new progressive ideas are identified and validated by science and evidence. We find commercially viable, impactful options and drive their adoption. 

Our trusted community was formed by a merger between three established the Agri-Tech Centres – CHAP, CIEL and Agri-EPI.

Together as the UK Agri-Tech Centre, we give businesses the help they need to propel agri-tech solutions to market which promote circularity in agri-systems and improve adaptability and sustainability.

Our work benefits the whole supply chain, the UK economy and beyond.

The UK Agri-Tech Centre is a unique, independent and unbiased organisation in the pursuit of driving economic growth while protecting humanity and the planet.


What are the UK Agri-Tech Centre’s organisational priorities?

The UK Agri-Tech Centre’s immediate focus is establishing the new organisation, completing the merger and evolution of our strategy in line with this. 

Is there an equal focus on all sectors? Crops, livestock and engineering?

The UK Agri-Tech Centre maintains a focus on all areas of crops, livestock and engineering, as well as exploring new sectors within the wide area of food, feed, fuel and fibres.  It retains and attracts sector specialists, with the expertise and passion for all areas of the agri eco-system. 

Have existing projects continued into the UK Agri-Tech Centre?

Yes, the UK Agri-Tech Centre is fully committed to delivering all its existing projects and completing its agreed plans and objectives. The innovative longer term projects that have extended beyond April 2024 have been transferred into the merged business and completed in line with the project agreements. 

How does the UK Agri-Tech Centre support innovation to deliver benefits across the agri-tech sector?

The UK Agri-Tech Centre will ensure a thought leadership programme of activity to influence positive change across the sector, actively engaging with industry, academia and government to drive innovation and R&D. 

Exciting plans are being developed to accelerate agri-innovation – including providing opportunities for industry and academia to work together on new ideas in open innovation groups. This will ensure that the industry is can rapidly respond to both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

There is already a thriving pipeline of projects in all phases of development and delivery, and this will be accelerated with the new business. 

Do you work with companies outside the UK?

The UK Agri-Tech Centre will be focused on supporting economic growth for the UK – but will work with businesses of all sizes both in the UK and internationally.  It’s important that the organisation addresses local, national challenges. 

Additionally, with support from other Government departments and industry, we will help to provide UK businesses with opportunities to export and develop technologies and solutions that will also benefit developed and developing countries to enhance inward investment. 

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in finding out more about our plans , please do get in touch by submitting an enquiry.