We are a powerful community for innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes across the agri-food supply chain. Learn about our membership structure.

Join the UK Agri-Tech Centre as an Industry Member

 We are a powerful community that increases in size and influence with each new member.

Our range of membership packages cater for the needs of innovators, scientists, and businesses of all sizes across the agri-food supply chain.

As the UK Agri-Tech Centre, we’re here to help members realise their ambitions, innovate and grow. We do this in many ways:

  • We get you connected with strong cross-sectoral working opportunities and systems-wide approaches.
  • We help to inspire you to innovate and create a better future by sharing knowledge and insights from across the sector.
  • We help you to accelerate the development and adoption of agri-tech solutions for a brighter future.

Membership is currently available for Industry Members, with Academic and International packages available soon.

Three ways to experience the UK Agri-Tech Centre membership

We offer three industry membership tiers to support your business at every stage of the journey:


Foundational support with access to a collaborative community of like-minded professionals

  • Discover insights, events and funding opportunities.
  • Showcase your business and make new connections.
  • Contact service with access to experts.


Nurturing your business growth with research opportunities and collaborative support

  • Dedicated Account Manager and access to expertise.
  • Develop new partnerships and improve project performance.
  • Network introductions to research expertise and industry contacts.
  • Plus the benefits from ‘Activate’.


A dedicated, bespoke partnership for strategic growth and enhanced expertise

  • Strategic and tailored business advice.
  • Proactive support to explore future research opportunities.
  • Plus the benefits from ‘Elevate’ and ‘Activate’.

Join the UK Agri-Tech Centre as an Industry Member.

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