Meet Dave Ross, International & Investment Director

Dave Ross, speaking at an event
Published: May 9, 2024

Our Meet the Team series celebrates the remarkable individuals who make up UK Agri-Tech Centre, offering you a glimpse into their stories. Up next is Dave Ross, our International & Investment Director.

For Dave, sitting at the nexus of science and application allows us to have a real impact in the industry.

Dave, how did you come to work in this sector?

My roots in agriculture come from growing up and helping for many years on a family farm. After working in the defence sector for some time, I felt drawn back to my roots in agriculture. For over 25 years, I focused on agricultural research, development, innovation, and education, mostly in the area of crop technologies, particularly root crops and broad-acre crops. 

Later, I transitioned into the associated challenges of livestock, and livestock products, where I not only conducted research but also helped companies establish and grow. One of my significant contributions was in developing systems to measure livestock emissions accurately, which are now used worldwide.

Eight years ago, I took on the role of CEO at Agri-EPI Centre and have recently become International and Investment Director at UK Agri-Tech Centre.

What inspires you about working at UK Agri-Tech Centre?

What inspires me is being at the nexus of science and application. We serve as a catalyst, transforming innovative ideas into practical solutions for the industry. Working closely with industry, scientists and government, we facilitate the development and delivery of new products, processes, services, and systems to the marketplace, and are able to make rapid and impactful change.

Being so well-connected with the ecosystem and supply chain, we have the opportunity to connect people, develop collaborative solutions to solve industry problems, and promote the adoption of these solutions both in the UK and internationally.

Dave Ross at an event

What does being International and Investment Director entail?

As International and Investment Director, I manage two slightly distinct portfolios. Our international activities focus on helping UK agri-tech companies expand into overseas markets and assisting overseas companies in establishing themselves in the UK to base their national and international commercial aspirations. We leverage the fantastic agri-tech ecosystem in the UK, along with evolving agricultural policies and international trade agreements, to create opportunities for growth.

On the other hand, our Agri-Tech Investment Advisory (AIA) offers a unique combination of AIA’s deep expertise in capital raising transactions and our sector knowledge, asset base and network, to bridge the gap between innovative agri-food start-ups and investors.

What is an exciting initiative that UK Agri-Tech Centre is involved in internationally?

One exciting initiative is our Tactical Fund project that is part of our Smart Farm activity at UK Agri-Tech Centre. In addition to work in Morocco, we have been working with CREA in Argentina and Embrapa in Brazil to establish the first UK-LATAM agri-tech innovation smart farm ecosystem. Through reciprocal missions and technology exchanges, we have facilitated significant commercial opportunities for UK companies in overseas markets.

Another exciting opportunity is providing modern technological solutions and know-how to less-developed markets in Sub-Saharan and regional Africa, addressing both commercial needs and social responsibility. We have ongoing collaboration in a number of other markets and continue to expand our international reach.

How can businesses work with UK Agri-Tech Centre on international or investment initiatives?

There are several ways businesses can connect with us. They can reach out through our website or standard communication channels. Additionally, they can become members, which allows for more serviced support, with rapid and direct connections. We encourage businesses to initiate a conversation to explore how we can help.

For international projects, we can provide key contacts and support services and assistance to businesses wishing to get involved.

Are you looking for investment or expansion opportunities for your agri-tech solution?

We can help. Contact Dave Ross and his team to explore the services on offer and become part of the international innovation ecosystem.