Meet Dr Trisha Toop, Delivery Director

Published: May 24, 2024

Our Meet the Team series profiles the individuals who make up the UK Agri-Tech Centre, offering you a glimpse into their stories. Up next is Dr Trisha Toop, our Delivery Director

Trisha Toop finds inspiration from UK Agri-Tech Centre’s impact-driven approach.

Tell us about your background. How did you come to work in this sector?

I don’t come from an agriculture background. I began my career as a mechanical manufacturing engineer in the automotive sector, crafting parts for cars. After a career break to raise my children, I decided to pursue a degree in genetics and biochemistry, which ended up sparking my interest in systems approaches.

This led me to pursue a Ph.D. that combined my engineering background with my newfound passion for biological systems. During my doctoral studies, I conducted a comprehensive analysis of agricultural-based energy systems, which ultimately led me to explore agri-tech and sustainability further. As CTO of Agri-EPI Centre, I embedded a Life Cycle Assessment offering into the company, which we are continuing to develop at the UK Agri-Tech Centre.

What inspires you about working at the UK Agri-Tech Centre?

What inspires me most is the opportunity to make a real impact. The UK Agri-Tech Centre to me is the most impactful organisation I’ve ever worked for. We have passionate and engaged individuals who are driven by their love for the sector and a desire to develop sustainable agri-tech solutions. I find immense satisfaction in helping companies develop these solutions and knowing that our work is benefiting not only UK farming but also the sector globally.

At the UK Agri-Tech Centre, we provide a neutral and independent space where companies can come together, collaborate, and innovate for the greater good of the sector. There’s no greater reward than hearing companies say, “we wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help. You’ve made a difference.” It’s this impact-driven approach that fuels my passion and drive every day.

Trisha Toop at Otter Ferry Seafish Farm

What does being Delivery Director entail?

As Delivery Director, I oversee various teams within the directorate, including project management, technical facilities, farm networks, and robotics and AI. My role involves ensuring the successful delivery of projects, managing facilities, farms, and optimising data utilisation. I get to oversee a fantastic group of teams, spanning an incredibly impressive array of expertise. We have a huge opportunity to drive innovation and make a real tangible impact within the sector.

Could you tell us about a project your team is working on that you think could have a significant impact on the sector?

Absolutely! One project that stands out is biodiversity monitoring initiative. It’s a 24/7 biodiversity monitoring system that provides farmers with a low-cost solution to monitor the health of their agricultural ecosystems. By autonomously measuring biodiversity and cross-referencing it with traditional methods, this project promises to revolutionise biodiversity monitoring within the sector.

Are you looking to test, trial and validate your agri-tech solution?

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