Meet Helen Brookes, Engagement Director

Meet the team - Helen Brookes
Published: May 2, 2024

Our Meet the Team series profiles the individuals who make up the new UK Agri-Tech Centre, offering you a glimpse into their stories and their ambition for the sector. Kicking off the series is Helen Brookes, our Engagement Director.

For Helen Brookes, the future of agri-tech lies in collaboration, innovation and a commitment to positive change.

What has inspired you to work in the agri-tech sector?

My roots in rural Essex have definitely shaped my connection to agriculture. My love for animals and livestock from a young age evolved into a fascination with the broader agricultural industry during my studies at  Writtle University College. This interest led me to explore various roles within the sector, from working at a  Veterinary Laboratory Agency in Surrey to spending several years at a commercial sheep breeding company called Innovis.

I found myself increasingly drawn to the intersection of technology and agriculture, which ultimately inspired me to pursue a career in agri-tech. I now reside on a farm in Worcestershire with my husband and two kids, finishing about 90-95 head of beef cattle per year as part of a joint venture with our farm owners.

Helen Brookes with a herd of cows

What’s your background?

My journey to becoming Engagement Director at UK Agri-Tech Centre has been quite varied.

 After my time at Innovis, I moved to AHDB Dairy, where I gained valuable experience in a different livestock sector and discovered a passion for knowledge transfer and communication. This led me to CIEL, where I was primarily involved in Business Development, and of course, most recently, to UK Agri-Tech Centre.

What does being Engagement Director involve?

As Engagement Director, my role spans both the Business Development and Marketing and Communications teams, ensuring that we’re not working in silos and that our efforts are aligned to achieve our goals.

I am constantly seeking out new opportunities and markets for us to explore and leveraging the diverse knowledge and expertise within our organisation to bring value to our networks, members, stakeholders, and the agri-industries  as a whole. Ultimately, my aim is to drive positive change, impact and innovation throughout the industry. UK Agri-Tech Centre’s ecosystem is vast and we have a newly launched industry membership offering which I will continue to expand.

What excites you about working at UK Agri-Tech Centre?

What excites me most about working at UK Agri-Tech Centre is the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the sector throughout the whole supply chain. We have a unique position as an independent organisation with a strong scientific evidence base, that allows us to engage with a wide range of stakeholders.

We have fantastic people in across the organisation spanning all sectors from sector specialists, to scientists, to creatives, and this enables us to be a key resource for driving that innovation and positive change. Plus, being surrounded by passionate people who are dedicated to making a difference is incredibly motivating.

Does your business have agri-tech ambition? We can help accelerate your innovation progress. Contact Helen Brookes and her team via to find out how you can access our tools and be part of the innovation ecosystem.