Meet Rebecca Lewis, Head of Bid Development

Rebecca Lewis
Published: June 14, 2024

Our Meet the Team series profiles the individuals who make up the UK Agri-Tech Centre, offering you a glimpse into their stories and their ambition for the sector. Next up is Rebecca Lewis, our Head of Bid Development.  

Rebecca Lewis finds inspiration in helping to progress an idea to a real commercial success. 

How did you come to work in the agri-tech sector? 

My journey into agri-tech began with a degree in agriculture at the Royal Agricultural University. Initially, I was drawn to animal and crop production, and what started as an animal management-focused degree expanded into a comprehensive agricultural program. Not coming from a farming background, I was determined to gain hands-on experience across a range of sectors which I did by working on a variety of different farms throughout my education and early career.

After graduating I worked at the University of Reading’s Centre for Dairy Research before moving on to herd management at a commercial dairy farm, which gave me invaluable practical exposure. Later, I transitioned to a consultancy company where I delved into value chain consulting and worked across various sectors, including dairy, livestock, and horticulture, focusing on both UK and international market strategies.

This role broadened my understanding of the agri-food value chain, working with a diverse range of clients from agri-businesses to governments. In 2019, I joined Agri-EPI, driven by a keen interest in cutting-edge technology and its impact on agriculture, and now here I am today at the UK Agri-Tech Centre! 

What does being Head of Bid Development entail? 

As Head of Bid Development, my role involves streamlining our bid development and management processes. I collaborate closely with different departments—projects, finance, innovation, business development and delivery—to ensure our bids are efficient and of high quality. My goal is to help develop projects that align with our business objectives and benefit our network of collaborators and clients. Overseeing and coordinating all outgoing bids is crucial, ensuring we maintain high standards and strong partnerships. 

Rebecca Lewis at an event

What are some exciting funding calls out now that our network should know about? 

There are several exciting funding opportunities available, particularly through the Farming Innovation Programme. Currently, the nutrient management calls are open for both feasibility and industrial research, with a deadline in July. This autumn, more funding calls will be released, including feasibility studies, small R&D partnerships, and a net zero farming competition.  

We continuously scan for additional opportunities, including international competitions and sector-specific ones. If you have a technology in development, we can usually find a suitable funding call for it.  

I recommend staying in touch and reaching out through the website to see how we can help you and your specific funding needs. 

Why should people work with the UK Agri-Tech Centre? 

The UK Agri-Tech Centre offers a complete life-cycle of support, driving agri-tech innovation and adoption through facilities, expert knowledge and business support. 

Our team includes experienced bid writers with deep technical knowledge of the sector and a successful track record in securing R&D funding. We encourage anyone with agri-tech ambitions to reach out to explore how we can assist with their funding needs – our team spans a wealth of knowledge and experience across livestock, aquaculture, crops and engineering. 

What inspires you in this line of work? 

The companies we work with, from small startups to large multinationals, are a constant source of inspiration. It’s amazing to see the innovative technologies being developed and the vision behind them. The commitment to improving the industry—making it more sustainable and efficient while tackling major challenges—is truly motivating. The collaborations and the progression from ideas to impactful solutions are incredibly rewarding to witness. 

Does your business have agri-tech ambition?

We can accelerate your innovation progress and save you time. Contact Rebecca Lewis and her team to find out how we can help you with your funding needs.